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PDF comic includes episode with Quinlan and Ahsoka, surviors [21 Feb 2017|05:01am]

Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away is an 80-page collection of fan-told Star Wars stories from talents across the comics industry—from writers Tim Daniel to Michael Moreci, to artists like K. R. Whalen and Drew Zucker. The anthology features a blend of comics and written short stories, covering all sorts of different eras from after Return of the Jedi during the rise of the First Order, to the days of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s padawan training under Qui-Gon Jin.


“Touching Darkness,” by Moreci, Phillip Sevy, Juancho Velez and Dave Baron, catches up with Ahsoka and Quinlan Vos after the events of Clone Wars, following up on a major plotline from the show’s fifth season.

The artwork of him is not flattering, but he's definitely Vos.

https://app.box.com/s/9couy2g05hir5ij5lazl7cmgp12aiuui is the actual book location.
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Original pencils by Jan Duursema-- [30 Aug 2013|07:48pm]


From her Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151878012218993&set=a.10150421871483993.411075.703558992&type=1&permPage=1  Trauma memories young Quinlan reads from the memento of his parents.  Birth of his hatred for the Anzati who killed them, and his grandmother Sheyf Tinte's perfidy.
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art from TheHaydenClone on Deviantart [28 Apr 2013|02:43pm]

aka buff_iroh
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Hasbro Clone Wars action figure <3 [04 Mar 2013|02:43pm]

This is not the first Quin action figure, but it's surprisingly sexy for an animation spinoff.
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Doug Wangler's gallery on Facebook... [29 Aug 2012|11:08pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


Why?  Because he was Jan Duursema's model, that's why!  Feast your eyes on his convention appearances and colections!

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QUIN ART RETROSPECTIVE at Jan Duursema's Gallery! [11 Nov 2010|01:49pm]


She has done this in honor of Quin's upcoming appearance on the Clone Wars animated TV show November 12. Oh swoon....
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QUIN'S ON THE CLONE WARS TV NOVEMBER 12 !!!1! [05 Nov 2010|02:02pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

this art is by http://heizerunattsu.livejournal.com/

Much more info at


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support The-Archive! [20 Jul 2010|10:58am]

I am one of the lucky 10% of users of The Archive at the End of the Universe who received this timely communique from Llama. So I am spreading the news.

The-Archive has got nearly every fanfiction I have ever written in it, with the exception of the Quinlan Vos 100 Fanfics Project, which I thought might be a little too big, muwahaha... and they are nearly always up, easy to read, and easy to use. They are also very all-inclusive with thousands of faniverses to post in.

For those who do NOT know of it, the name is a reference to Douglas Adams, Restaurant at the End of the Universe. And it is exactly that cool a place.

Here is LLAMA---llama@the-archive.net ----

The Archive at the End of the Universe will shortly have a new system in place for reporting problems and requesting new fandoms and characters as well as requesting accounts, and we have a new community on Insanejournal to make this easier for IJ users: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/archiveattheend/.

Please see the post here: http://community.livejournal.com/archiveattheend/14438.html for news on the Archive's future and the current fundraising drive.

If The Archive is still of use to you, or you want to help preserve the work of writers no longer in fandom who are archived here, please help if you can. Even a tiny donation will help ensure The Archive's future. We are already almost at our minimum fundraising target but if we exceed it we can renew the domain for longer and save money that will extend the Archive's future!

Thank you, Llama


P.S. Apologies to anyone who receives this more than once, the site only sent out this message to about 10% of Archive users but it's impossible for me to work out which 10%. I won't be sending any more emails about this to everyone, I promise :)
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plugging the Lepis and Twi'leks [16 Jul 2009|10:16am]

Under the cut is a honkin' big page of Jan Duursema's art for Legacy 38 which has just been previewed at Dark Horse website.Read more...Collapse )

I swear, that barkeep and that Twi'lek hottie could have stepped out of Jaxxon's Twi'leks by moi-- that Quinlan Vos adventure in pre-Dark Horse slash, available here:

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Quinlan and Jocasta Nu???!!! [01 Feb 2008|02:55pm]

I think everyone should go watch the RP community winduwatchers because they have indeed included Quinlan Vos in the prequel fun. He is --
quinmanvos and truthfully, I have a crush on him *blushing like teenybopper*

He also gets to be very naughty in ways that do not contradict my own understanding of Vos at all! It's amazing how much fun they have without violating the canon of Jude Watson or Phantom Menace even ONCE. But ooh the villains are good too. They have Jenna Zan Arbor and the Supreme Chancellor and Xanatos...

And yes, Knight Vos has been glimpsed with Jocasta Nu in a rather interesting circumstance, very recently.
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Fillbach Brothers Go Vos! [25 Nov 2007|01:48pm]



I have finally got a PC to work with after nine long months, and can show you this wonderful art by the brothers Fillbach.
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Osi has made a bookcover for one of my Quin stories! [03 Aug 2007|12:00pm]


http://community.livejournal.com/quinlanvos100/11125.html is where the fic can be found. Pre-AOTC Quin-Obi.
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Owl continues to amaze... [27 Jul 2007|10:58am]


is where you can find the latest episode of her excellent AU of padawans Qui-gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi, Here Be Dragons, with excellent cameos by our man Quinlan, who has already made Knight. Flashback to Quin and Tholme meeting Qui and Dooku, all of them undercover in a brothel. Meow.

She has also illustrated this chapter, and has the chops to do it well.
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[04 Apr 2007|04:13pm]

[ mood | creative ]


I'm new to the Quinlan Vos fandom, here. :3 I got into it by reading hlglne's fics, one of which had Quinlan in it...he seemed intriguing, so I had to learn more. It all went downhill from there! *grin* Now I've begun a nice little comics collection...Look what you did! >O

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all. I come bearing a little fanart of Quinlan as a padawan. I think his version of the horrible haircut's a bit more bearable...

Padawan VosCollapse )

I think it turned out alright. I need to find some good references; I'd like to try a more dynamic pose next time!
(EDIT: Placed image under a cut. Ehehe.)

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Small announcement [27 Feb 2007|05:17pm]

I have put three new links on the profile page to Quinlan Vos resources. One is The Deathscythe at Jediquinlan.com, which has the best timeline of his life up until Saleucami. Another is Quinntessentials, a fan site of excellence as well. The third is a link to Jan Duursema's official web page.

That is all.

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heads-up pimpin' [22 Feb 2007|10:28am]


The above is hlglne 's latest entry into our affiliate community, the fabulous sw_mythology and it is for the prompt "Seventh Seal: mythological numbers".

It is an edited reposting of "The Fifty Quinlan Vos Things", pared down to 42 as that is much more of a sacred number to me, lol.

But it links back to here, from there, and that is the main thing.
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New Story:- Blackmail [29 Jan 2007|11:08pm]

Hello there! This is my first time posting on this community after being invited here by the lovely hlglne! *waves to everyone* I usually write humour stories involving Quinlan/Obi-Wan/Anakin which is what I have for you here! Feel free to friend me on my personal LJ if you want ^.^

This story (annoyingly) is too big to post as one so hopefully no-one minds me posting both parts at the same time!

Title:- Blackmail (Part One) 
Rating:- PG-13
Characters:- Quinlan, Anakin, Obi-Wan
Summary:- Anakin has an unfortunate incident in the Jedi Archives and, as always, Quinlan manages to turn a bad situation to his favour! However, what will happen when a secret he's being keeping is suddenly revealed?

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Betray Me Please: Quin-Mace-Padme, by Monchy [05 Jan 2007|06:27pm]

Title: Betray me, please
author: monchy
Pairings: *takes deep breath* implied Quinlan/Mace/Padmé, Quinlan/Mace, Quinlan/Padmé, implied Anakin/Padmé, Anakin/Obi-Wan, implied Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, implied Quinlan/Obi-Wan. My characters are such sluts.
Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes, Padmé liked to watch.
A/N: AU --> Qui-Gon is not dead. Er... I have no explanation for this one. I think there might be something wrong with my head. No!

Written for the sw_mythology challenge community. Prompt: Oedipus and Elektra (Forbidden).
beta by helgaleena

Read more...Collapse )
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Important welcoming announcement! [05 Jan 2007|05:57pm]

As of January 2007, Quinlan Vos 100 is an open community for all lovers of the character Quinlan Vos. Please feel free to post any questions relating to the character or links to fictions and artworks about the character.

The occasion is --- YAY! I have completed my hundredth work about Quinlan for the fanfic100 challenge! It is Six and is written from the POV of Master Tholme.

Title: Six
Author: helgaleena
Theme: 40-- the triple goddess
Claim: Quinlan Vos
Rating: R
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): POV Tholme, Quin, six women in his life
Summary: There have always been women in Quin's life, thank goodness.
Warning(s): psychobabble
Notes: This took the most thought of any Quinlan Vos I have ever written. My brain hurts now.

To celebrate, I am going to post an entire outstanding Vos threesome by monchy entitled, "Betray Me Please", that she has allowed me to beta-read.

Check out go-between Quin in her tragic AU, Blood Makes Noise

So tell all Quinlan Vos lovers to swarm here with their discussions and homages to our wonderful Jedi Master and his descendants, that the Dark Side did not yet manage to kill.
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Thank you, sanestlunatic [01 Jan 2007|03:22pm]

jedi__santa 2006 yielded some exceptionally high quality slash, including this one, which includes an added bonus of Obi-Ani action.

Title: Untitled
Author: sanestlunatic
Gift for: izzardwizzard
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Anakin/Quinlan Vos, Obi-Wan/Anakin
Summary: When Obi-Wan is captured, Anakin finds help from an unlikely source – and makes some surprising discoveries.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Star Wars – if I did, there would be a good deal more gay porn in the movies.

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